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Best Practice use of Imagery when Teaching Classroom PE

The Everlearner

Gallery 3: Correct angles of the muscular system. Gallery 6: Muscular contraction image (drawn by Lucy) emphasising the role of the connective tissue. Gallery 1: Skeletal imagery emphasising function, not just location of a bone. Gallery 2: Energy transfer image which proves energy transfer, NOT energy production.

PE 96
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The Benefits of Soccer on Corporal Health

Teen Health 101

It has positive benefits for the cardiovascular system, muscular system, and respiratory system. Most of the upper torso is stretched and somehow used during this movement, proving itself to be quite effective for strengthening one’s muscular system.

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Physical Activity and Sport-skill Development Activities After School Programs Provide


Specifically designed to help improve areas of the body that may need extra help with strength and function, this is an awesome way to make sure kids of all physical abilities can improve their muscular system as a whole. Mindfulness for a better future.