Fri.Mar 24, 2023

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Healthy Eating Plate Is a Better Version of MyPlate and the Food Pyramid

Physical Education Update

Back in June 2011, The U.S. government unveiled the “MyPlate” diagram, intended to give Americans a visual reminder for the proportions of the different components needed for healthy eating. It was an upgrade from the previous MyPyramid diagram that wasn’t particularly successful. The MyPlate diagram was a representation of what people will actually see when they sit down for a meal.

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10 Most Popular Fitness Influencers on Instagram

The Sporting

The Top 10 Fitness Influencers on Instagram In recent years, the fitness craze has taken the world by storm and Influencers on social media have played a major role. These are the models, influencers and celebrities who share their fitness plans and goals to promote a healthy lifestyle to all of their followers. They also show a healthy amount of their bodies as well!

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Firstbeat Sports Team Attending 2023 German Ice Hockey Federation Performance Meetup

First Beat

This year’s German Ice Hockey Federation Performance Meetup will take place in Munich on May 8. The event is attended by top Sports Directors and Athletic Coaches from across the DEL and DEL2 leagues, and this year, Firstbeat’s Christoph Rottensteiner will also attend and give a presentation on Individual Load Control in Team Sports. The Firstbeat Sports platform has a significant presence in the world of professional ice hockey and in Germany, more than 70% of Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL) team

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Phys Ed Apps – 5 Keys To Success


The use of phys ed apps is becoming increasingly popular as a way to help students stay active and engaged in physical education. Understanding the five keys to success with phys ed apps can help you make the most of this technology. We break down what makes for a great physical education app for teachers, students, and schools. Phys Ed Apps On The Rise Technology is in every aspect of our lives.

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Reimagine the Role of PE to Reconnect With Your Students

Speaker: Jeremy Kellem, M.Ed. - Educational Strategist, Former Athlete, and CEO/Founder of W.I.N. (We Impact Now, LLC)

For many students, physical education is critical to becoming active and developing healthy routines. But how is this possible anymore with the repercussions of the pandemic? Years of COVID-19, social distancing, and virtual learning have all had a profound effect on students, which means educators need to adjust their classes accordingly. The good news is that P.E. can still play a vital role in helping students intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially.

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Recent Review Investigates Potential Connection Between Skin Health, Certain Nutraceuticals, and Healthy Aging

Designs for Health

Age-related changes to skin health have been linked in recent research with cellular senescence. Cellular senescence refers to a process in which certain cells, after becoming stressed or damaged, may become resistant to apoptosis, undergo irreversible replicative arrest, and have increased metabolic activity. It is a potential driver of many processes leading to age-related diseases.

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