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Meaningful PE – just good teaching?

Drowning in the Shallow

Meaningful PE (MPE) is a framework which recommends drawing upon and applying a set of practices within PE teaching. Having one is … Continue reading Meaningful PE – just good teaching? The essential ones (in my opinion) being; vision, shared language, reflective practices and democratic practices.

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5 Tips for Teaching Physical Education Without a Gym

SHAPE America

And, although teaching PE without a gym is not ideal, it is possible. Here are some of my favorite tips for teaching physical education without a gym. Teach your students about boundaries and that outdoor PE class is different than recess. Start by making it clear to students and parents that teaching outside is not recess.


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Teaching Lacrosse in Physical Education Using the New USA Lacrosse Curriculum

SHAPE America

No matter how you refer to it, lacrosse is a great game to teach your students in physical education class! Using the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework while teaching lacrosse in PE will allow you to provide multiple options within the learning environment, thus creating equity and accessibility for ALL students.

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Using the National Health Education Standards and Other Important Elements to Guide Your Teaching in Health Ed

SHAPE America

How do I decide what to teach?” So how DO you decide what to teach? That said, it is important to remember that just because you are not teaching a specific drug and alcohol prevention curriculum, for example, does not mean you are not doing drug and alcohol prevention. “There are more skills and content than I can cover.

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How Physical Education Plays a Core Role in Student Development

Speaker: Shane Pill PhD, MEd, BEd, LMACHPER, FACHPER - Physical Education and Sports Researcher, Professor, Consultant, and Speaker

It's when teachers are educationally purposeful and strengths-based in their planning, teaching, and assessment that physical education achieves the three dimensions of education in, through, and about movement.

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My Top 10 PE Teaching Blogs Ever

The Everlearner

Take a look at each one and get stuck into some really, really popular PE teaching content: This week (and only partly because I am spending almost the entire week interviewing) I have chosen to share some published material. Below you will find my 10 most popular blogs in reverse order.

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How to Teach Jump Rope in PhysEd Class

The PE Specialist

If you’re anything like me before you started teaching you didn’t really know much about jumping rope. I would have never thought that I could spend 3-4 weeks teaching jump rope to students. What’s Up PhysEd Friends! To be honest, I didn’t know a single jump rope trick before I became a teacher.

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