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Educators as agile and adaptive pedagogues

Learning Through Sport

Perhaps, Olinger's (2018) idea of the agile and adaptive educator that is neither directive instructor or guide/facilitator/knowledge navigator, but provocative collaborator encouraging in students (players) the ability to learn and apply their learning by knowing when to be directive and when to be guiding. Olinger, R.

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You Don’t Need Innovative Equipment to Be Creative in Physical Education

Physical Education Update

While innovative equipment can make classes more fun – and I wouldn’t advise your students to try these moves – here’s an amazing example of an incredible gymnastics-dance-tumbling-agility routine performed using nothing but a partner and some benches. To subscribe to the free Fun Stuff for PE Newsletter, Click Here!


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Jump Boy: The 7 Most Popular Sports for Dogs!

The Sporting

Agility Our first choice is a no-brainer. Agility is among the most complex sports for dogs as it offers an intense physical and mental workout. True to its name, agility tests the agility of your dog since your dog runs through an intricate hurdle course. Final Word on the Best Sports for Dogs!

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The Relentless School Nurse: MadLibs – Wildlife Adventures in the School Health Office!

Relentless School Nurse

But the [Animal] was quick and agile, making it a challenging pursuit. The school nurse knew she had to catch the [Animal] before it caused any trouble. With her [Adjective] reflexes, she [Past Verb] towards the [Animal], trying to corner it. They raced through the hallways, causing a commotion and attracting the attention of the students.

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Free Resource – 11+ Warmup Program Dramatically Reduces Injuries

Physical Education Update

Six exercises with a focus on core and leg strength, agility/plyometrics, and balance. Warmup Design The 11+ warm-up program involves 15 exercises performed in three specific phases. The phases are: Slow-speed running exercises combined with active stretching and controlled partner contact. There are three levels of difficulty.

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Toilet Tag – A Hilarious and Active Tag Game for Elementary PE Classes

Elementary P.E. Games

Look no further than “Toilet Tag”! This game not only provides a fun and energetic experience but also helps develop important motor skills, endurance, agility, spatial awareness, and teamwork. Looking for a new and exciting tag game to engage your elementary school students in PE class?

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Can You Use CrossFit In Physical Education Classes?

Physical Education Update

The goal is to improved fitness in 10 different areas: cardiovascular endurance, strength, stamina, speed, flexibility, power, balance, coordination, agility, and accuracy. While Crossfit is an exercise philosophy, it’s also a competitive fitness sport, with the CrossFit Games conducted every year since 2007.