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In Season Strength Training


Let’s take a look at in season strength training and break down the why, what, and how! At the same time, the absence of resistance training will always equal substantial losses of strength and power. Let’s take a quick look at exactly why consistent strength training during the season puts your team in the best position to win.

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Strength and Conditioning Templates


A well-structured strength and conditioning program can enhance strength, power, speed, agility, capacity, and endurance while reducing the risk of injury. This is where strength and conditioning templates come into play. From these challenges came the rise of strength and conditioning software.


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A strength based approach to PESA

Drowning in the Shallow

We see their bodies, their movement and their character as something that requires fixing, and that … Continue reading A strength based approach to PESA → In a deficit based approach we see children as either at risk of becoming broken or already broken.

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Building Super Strengths: Supporting Players’ Attributes

Player Development Project

In this article, Fulham FC coach Gabriel Flores explains how he uses strength-based training to help players maximise their potential. In This Article Understanding Strength-Based Coaching The best youth programmes seek to individualise the way they work with players. For Flores, one of the best ways.

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How Physical Education Plays a Core Role in Student Development

Speaker: Shane Pill PhD, MEd, BEd, LMACHPER, FACHPER - Physical Education and Sports Researcher, Professor, Consultant, and Speaker

It's when teachers are educationally purposeful and strengths-based in their planning, teaching, and assessment that physical education achieves the three dimensions of education in, through, and about movement.

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Strength Training For Injury Prevention


There are endless benefits for athletes who participate in a proper strength training program. While many athletes, coaches, and teams typically look for stronger muscles and improved athletic performance in the weight room, injury prevention is one of the most significant benefits of strength training.

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Preventing Injuries and Building Strength in Young Gymnasts with Dr. Jenny Borda PT, DPT

Complete Performance

Today, we’re diving into a topic that’s crucial for the longevity and success of young gymnasts: injury prevention and strength building. Dr. Borda shares her expert… The post Preventing Injuries and Building Strength in Young Gymnasts with Dr. Jenny Borda PT, DPT appeared first on Complete Performance Coaching.

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Reimagine the Role of PE to Reconnect With Your Students

Speaker: Jeremy Kellem, M.Ed. - Educational Strategist, Former Athlete, and CEO/Founder of W.I.N. (We Impact Now, LLC)

Join Jeremy Kellem, former professional athlete turned educational specialist and strategist for high schools and middle schools, for an in-depth discussion on strategies to reconnect with today's scholars.