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Tips for Gaining National Recognition for Your PETE/HETE Program

SHAPE America

Gaining National Recognition status for your physical education teacher education (PETE) and/or health education teacher education (HETE) program begins with accreditation, which is a review of the quality of your educator preparation program(s).

The Relentless School Nurse: Time to Pay Attention to the Mental Health of School Nurses

Relentless School Nurse

. It has not been a figment of our imagination, or hyperbole that school nurses across the country have been struggling under the cumulative stressors of the pandemic.


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Confidence CANNOT be Given; it Has to be EARNED!

Changing the Game Project

Don’t we all wish our children were more confident? Don’t we wish there was a magic confidence pill, or some special words that we could say to our children that. The post Confidence CANNOT be Given; it Has to be EARNED! appeared first on Changing the Game Project.

The Relentless School Nurse: How Are You Holding Up?

Relentless School Nurse

. School is back in full session. We are entering week #3, some of us more, depending on where in the country you live. I am reaching out to ask how you are holding up. What is going well and where do you need support? What are you doing differently this school year?

2022 Robert P. Pangrazi Scholar Lecture

Arizona Health and Physical Education

Jessica Shawley will give the 2022 Robert P. Pangrazi Scholar Lecture on Thursday, November 3rd at the Arizona State Convention. Jessica is a physical education teacher at Lewiston High School in Lewiston, Idaho teaching. strength training, dance, yoga and lifetime fitness classes.

Dance 81

Lessons an Athletic Director Learned as a Line Cook (Part 2)

Montessori Physical Education

If you were just coming to this blog without reading it last week, you would want to go here to read part one before jumping into this one. Good people make all the difference. There is a tremendous turnover rate in the restaurant industry.

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10 Healthy Habits for Parents

RC Families

Parents are usually all about instilling healthy habits into their kids, but wait a minute! What about YOU, Mom and Dad? As you work to teach your kids good lifestyle habits, don’t neglect your own physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Comebacks are possible!

Arizona Health and Physical Education

If the Arizona Cardinals can come back from a 20-point deficit at halftime to beat the Raiders, you can come back to the Arizona Health and Physical Education State Convention! Join us on Wednesday, November 2nd and 3rd at the Phoenix Convention Center, South Building.

The Hinckley School Case Study

The Everlearner

Welcome to the blog. Thank you for being here. This blog actually began over 18 months ago, when I visited The Hinckley School to deliver a staff CPD session with the science department.

Bringing School to the Bedside

Stanford Childrens

Back-to-school season can be difficult for kids who are getting treatment in the hospital. A Bay Area foundation tries to make it easier through the power of connection. It’s not something you often hear from a middle schooler, but 11-year-old Alex Jones wants to go back to school.

Hit the Jackpot with Soccer Pinball!

Gopher PE

Equipment Needed: A DuraCoat Coated-Foam Ball (7”) for each student, music. This game consists of three parts: “dribble and freeze” drill, “pinball” kicking, and finding a “new ball”.

PE 56

The Relentless School Nurse: There is No Room for Apolitical Stances in Nursing

Relentless School Nurse

It will be five years this coming March since I published my first Op-Ed in the Nursing Economics journal at the invitation of Dr. Donna Nickitas, Dean of Rutgers-Camden Nursing.

2022 Arizona State Convention Schedule

Arizona Health and Physical Education

Please click on the link below to view the 2022 Arizona State Convention Schedule. Please understand that this schedule may change and updates will be on We use and with this link, there is no sign-in.

The Oldest Players in World Cup History

The Sporting

The Top 5 oldest players in World Cup history. Who is the oldest player in World Cup History? Are they all goalkeepers? The School of Football provides a bitesize run down of the 5 oldest footballers to have played in a World Cup.

Brave Preschooler Battles Rare Childhood Cancer and Wins

Stanford Childrens

On any given Sunday, you can find Marlee, age 4, and her family going round and round the lazy river at the waterpark near their home in Santa Maria, California. The family has been making up for lost time by soaking in summer days.

Mental Health 101: Common Disorders and Warning Signs

Magnus Health

Mental health issues are on the rise, particularly for young teens and adolescents. As a school nurse, it’s important to understand and recognize these issues in order to provide the best student care. .

The Relentless School Nurse: Helping Kids Cope With Gun Violence

Relentless School Nurse

I have a deep appreciation for my colleagues at Northwell Health for inviting me to talk about the impact of gun violence on children and how we can support our youth. I was a panelist for Northwell’s Gun Violence Learning Collaborative in March of 2022. The YouTube is linked below.

White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health

Arizona Health and Physical Education

On Sept. 28, 2022 the Biden-Harris Administration will host the historic White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health — and there is still time to get engaged!

Coaches Who “Work the Refs”

Physical Education Update

Boo hoo. My favourite teams in the NCAA basketball tournament are gone. My alma mater, Wisconsin, was hammered by my second favorite team, Cinderella squad, Davidson. Then on Sunday, Davidson was beaten by Kansas.

Heart Zones Spotlight: Nicole Smith in Fresno, CA


The Spotlight Shines On: Nicole Smith. Higher Education Teacher & Star Player. Star high school basketball player, Nicole Smith, differs in many ways. For example, she doesn’t have a storied history. Her rise up through the ranks in Physical Education is a positive example to others.

Micropreemie Survives Lifesaving Heart Surgery for Rare Fetal Heart Tumor

Stanford Childrens

Side-by-side operating rooms for mom and premature baby. It was a made-for-TV moment: a mother in a delivery room having a C-section to rescue her extremely premature daughter, who has a heart tumor that’s larger than the heart itself.

SMART Goals for PE


Most students need help knowing where to begin when it comes to setting goals in physical education. SMART goals for PE give a great structure and outline to allow every student to set challenging yet attainable goals within physical activity and overall health. What are SMART goals?

PE 52

50 Years of Title IX with Dr. JoAnne Owens-Nauslar

Arizona Health and Physical Education

June 23, 2022, was the 50th anniversary of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. Surviving many challenges through the decades, it is arguably one of the most significant pieces of civil rights legislation in America’s history.

Embodied Learning in Physical Activity: Developing Skills and Atunement to Interaction

PE Scholar

This article focuses on embodied learning and how it develops through the practice of a physical activity

Using Your Eyes to Conquer Mental Blocks


<h3>Introduction</h3> <p>When athletes prepare for competition, they spend extensive amounts of time training to synchronize their body and mind.

Vibration dampeners and shock absorbers for your tennis racket- why, what and where?

The Sporting

Tennis : Why use a vibration dampener/shock absorber? What actually are they? What should I buy? If you are a tennis player, you are either someone who has, or has not. I’m not referring to having talent, or having a big serve. I’m referring to the vibration dampener, or the shock absorber.

Small Universities and March Madness

Physical Education Update

This is one of my favorite weekends in sports…the first weekend of March Madness. There are so many games televised that I don’t have to leave my LazyBoy for three solid days. I usually get the chance to cheer for my alma mater (Go Wisconsin!) – at least for a few rounds of play.

Create a Personalized Curriculum Using Dynamic Physical Education ASAP

Gopher PE

If you are one of the many users who have logged into the website, Dynamic PE ASAP website , you may have noticed changes and additions. The biggest addition is that Grades 7-12 units and lesson plans were added and given equal billing to the elementary program.

Student Centered Learning Examples Using Technology


Sean Fullerton is a former secondary physical education teacher and current Ph.D. student at the University of New Mexico in the Health, Exercise, and Sports Science Department. In this article, Sean explores student centered learning examples in physical education with the use of technology.

Effective Communication with Students

Spark PE

Teaching students can be a joy, but each day can present different challenges. You’ll require a certain set of skills to handle these day-to-day tasks, with communication being one of the most important for any teacher. How can PE teachers communicate more effectively with their students?

PE 52

2v2+1: Beyond, Beside & Beneath

Player Development Project

This practice is designed to provide players an opportunity to work on combination play in pairs, focusing on the concepts of supporting beyond, beside and beneath.