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Do Teachers Deserve All Their Holiday Time?

Physical Education Update

It’s almost March break and teachers will soon be getting a long-deserved week of rest and recovery. Now, there are those who claim that teachers are overpaid for the amount of time they work and the number of holidays they receive. Teachers must be “on” for an entire school day. Do teachers deserve their holidays?

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5 Tips for Moving Your Career Forward as a Health and Physical Education Teacher

SHAPE America

What I’ve learned from these conversations is that even though our PETE programs may be different, our students are almost all struggling with the same issue — their professional transition from students to teachers. We, as teachers, are inherently placed in a position to exert influence and enact. Running the Race. Change is hard.


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3 distinctions PE Teachers should know

Drowning in the Shallow

When we reduce things down to its simplest level the PE Teacher has only two things they have any control over to influence children’s learning in PE and making it a meaningful experience. The second is their teaching behaviours … Continue reading 3 distinctions PE Teachers should know →

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Physical Education Teacher Resources


Physical education teacher resources can enhance and support the mission of quality physical education in schools all across the country. We explore some of the best physical education teacher resources and how teachers can tap into lesson plans, technology, and more. What Are Physical Education Teacher Resources?

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How Physical Education Plays a Core Role in Student Development

Speaker: Shane Pill PhD, MEd, BEd, LMACHPER, FACHPER - Physical Education and Sports Researcher, Professor, Consultant, and Speaker

It's when teachers are educationally purposeful and strengths-based in their planning, teaching, and assessment that physical education achieves the three dimensions of education in, through, and about movement.

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11 Creative Ways to Show Teacher Appreciation 

FACTS Management

Teachers are the heroes of your school. These living, breathing examples of your school’s mission, vision, and values regularly serve fellow teachers, students, parents, and community members. Showing teacher appreciation is an important part of increasing and maintaining morale, but it doesn’t have to be costly.

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The Relentless School Nurse: Mental Health Goes to School – A Teacher & A Psychiatrist Walk Into a Podcast!

Relentless School Nurse

Here is more about the goals of this new endeavor: A teacher and a psychiatrist talk to experts and with each other to bridge the gap between schools and mental health. Feeling safe is fundamental for students to be able to learn and for teachers and others to help students learn.

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