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TARGETing the motivational climate in PE

Drowning in the Shallow

She highlights five of these challenges that all teachers face – portraying the curriculum to novice minds, enlisting student participation, exposing student thinking, containing student behaviour and addressing those four challenges whilst simultaneously accommodating our own personal needs as … Continue reading TARGETing the motivational (..)

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Fitness Motivation : Train with Gaff - Getting Bigger

The Sporting

Training and Fitness : “I’ll start tomorrow” - Next up is Abdullah Ghaffar AKA “Gaff” - bringing you more REAL talk on fitness motivation and starting your fitness journey Check out Train with Gaff on Instagram and YouTube Lots of people have mentioned how hard it is to take the first step in their fitness journey. What was yours?


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Motivating Players in Mixed-Ability Environments

Player Development Project

Below, we discuss how coaches can manage the difference within teams, in order to give all players an appropriate challenge, and keep them involved, enthusiastic, and motivated.

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“He Called On It All” – A Motivational Video for Track Athletes

Physical Education Update

If you’re looking for a video to motivate your runners, check this out. It’s track and field championship season. It’s not a high quality production, but it’s set to music and the message is great. It’s called “He Called on it All.”

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How Physical Education Plays a Core Role in Student Development

Speaker: Shane Pill PhD, MEd, BEd, LMACHPER, FACHPER - Physical Education and Sports Researcher, Professor, Consultant, and Speaker

By providing education in movement competency, education on using movement to develop the ability to be self-regulated and motivated, and education through movement to develop ‘habits of mind’ for positive and constructive engagement with others, PE provides a basis for personal and community health and wellbeing.

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Understanding Girls’ Motivation to Participate in Sport: The Effects of Social Identity and Physical Self-Concept

PE Scholar

In the current study, physical self-concept is tested as a mediator of the association between social identity and motivation.

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Study finds Myzone boosts effort and motivation

My Zone

Myzone is an innovative, wearable heart rate system. The group fitness digital, technology & wearable fitness trackers are perfect for individuals & operators