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Simple Setup – Maximize Efficiency In PE from Start to Finish

Keeping Kids in Motion

Transition time can be one of the trickiest parts of teaching physical education. There are the transitions between classes where one class leaves the gym while the next class is waiting at the door. Our goal is to get the incoming class moving as. Health and Fitness

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The Relentless School Nurse: A Conference Four Years in the Making

Relentless School Nurse

In March of 2020, as the world shut down, our New Jersey State School Nurse Association (NJSSNA) executive board made the decision to cancel our annual Spring conference.


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A Bridge Between the Concrete and Abstract

Montessori Physical Education

Why are the Montessori materials so crucial for children? Initially, when Dr. Montessori observed children taking different mental aptitude tests, she noticed that the children wanted to continue working well after the test. For younger children, the tests involved manipulatives they “played with.”

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Teaching Kids to Share

RC Families

Teaching kids to share may feel like a never-ending effort to re-program your children. It seems that most little ones are born with the instinct to not want to share.

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4 Games to Play with Children Dealing with Depression

Keeping Kids in Motion

Playing games can help children deal with depression. Discover 4 types of games that offer psychological benefits and escape from negative thoughts. Learn how games can improve mental well-being, cognitive abilities, and social skills, and reduce symptoms of depression. Health and Fitness

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Celebrating Women in Critical Care Transport: Caring for Patients on the Road and in the Air

Stanford Childrens

At Stanford Medicine Children’s Health, we are looking to the sky and the ground as we honor our Critical Care Transport (CCT) program during Women’s History Month.

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Don’t Be That Awkward Runner

Physical Education Update

As a running coach, I see all sorts of technical errors in my runners. Especially from those who have patterned themselves after television or running magazines and THINK they are emulating those models. In fact, what an athlete thinks they are doing often doesn’t match reality.

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Sid Hudson: A Baseball Lifer

The Sporting

An Interview with Baseball Lifer Sid Husdon - By Norman L. Macht A 6-4 right-handed pitcher for the Washington Senators and Boston Red Sox (1940-1954), Sid Hudson went directly from Class D minor leagues to the major leagues.

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Live Well: Reproductive and Sexual Health

Human Kinetics

Customize health and sex education instruction to meet local needs Middle school and high school health education and sex education standards vary from state to state and from district to district.

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