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Physical Activity And Academic Performance


Exercise and academics are often seen as two completely separate things in education. But the relationship between physical activity and academic performance could not be more intertwined. Therefore, schools must embrace the connection between physical activity and academic performance for students to reach their highest potential.

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Physical Education Training Produces Better Academic Teachers

Physical Education Update

This often applies for those physical educators who teach academic subjects. It’s a great example of the physical education attitude and training applied to academic teaching. One thing about physical educators is that they realize the value of making lessons fun. Dick Moss, Editor, PE

Academics 130

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The Vital Link Between Physical Education and Academic Performance in Primary Schools

The PE Hub

In the hustle of modern education, where academic achievements often take the spotlight, the importance of physical education (PE) can sometimes be overlooked. However, a growing body of research is shedding light on a crucial connection: the link between physical education and academic performance.

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“Academics On The Move”


The post “Academics On The Move” appeared first on Heart Zones.

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Wrapping up the 2021/22 academic year

PE Scholar

This blog post summarises all the work that has taken place over the 2021/22 academic year.

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Active Lives Children and Young People Survey -Academic year 2022-23

PE Scholar

Introduction by Nick Pontefract, Chief Strategy Officer, Sport England This report summarises the sport and physical activity behaviours of 5-16-year-olds

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Academic Physical Education: Enhancing Respect for Programs

Human Kinetics

In the presentation below, Human Kinetics author Chuck Corbin discusses the criteria to determine if a program is considered academic, the "PE Effect", and the options for improving academic status and advancement of physical education. . . BY CHUCK CORBIN, PHD, ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY. . Presentation Material.