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Fun Dynamic Kindergarten Activities & Games

Kids Sports Activities Blog

Fun, dynamic, free kindergarten activities and games guaranteed to burn some energy, increase physical fitness, and improve gross motor skills.

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Volleyball (Middle School)

Open Phys Ed

Etiquette: (Grade 6) Identifies the rules and etiquette for physical activities/games and dance activities. Grade 7) Demonstrates knowledge of rules and etiquette by self-officiating modified physical activities/games or following parameters to perform, create, or modify a dance.


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Witch Tag: A Spooky Halloween Warm-Up Game for Elementary PE

Elementary P.E. Games

In this blog post, we’ll unravel the game’s setup, gameplay, and explore other exciting Halloween games that’ll have your students enchanted with physical activity. Game Setup: Witch Tag: Brew the Excitement The tagger for this game is the witch.

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Plug and Play Classroom Management (K-12)

Open Phys Ed

SIGN UP HERE PRIORITY OUTCOMES: Etiquette : Recognizes the role of rules and etiquette in physical activity with peers. Applies rules and etiquette by acting as an official for modified physical activities/games or creating dance routines within a given set of parameters.

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10 SEL Activities For High School


T: True H: Helpful I: Inspiring N: Necessary K: Kind Implicit – Pickleball Activity Games are excellent SEL activities for high school students. Playing games like pickleball promotes all social-emotional skills, especially relationship skills. Does what we are about to say fit the THINK acronym?

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Why Game-Play is Important

Physical Education Ideas

There are countless and immeasurable skills that students can develop through game playing. I love watching creativity flow through active game sessions. Just to name a few: critical thinking skills, creativity, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. I love watching students try and attempt a skill and fail.

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The Beauty of Open-Ended Games in PE (Part Two)

Montessori Physical Education

They may need more buy-in to be compliant and active in PE, especially if they are inherently not sporty. Students who consider themselves intellectuals who do not want to participate in active games can be nudged into playing because the game requires more than athleticism to succeed.

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